꩜ A Menstrually Affirming World ꩜

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- A rant -

🩸I want to live in a world where the younger generation of girls and women, grow up learning that Menstruation, especially Menarche (first bleed) is something to be CELEBRATED & HONORED….not condemned, shamed, ridiculed and rejected.

I want them to know that it is a SUPER POWER, not a fluke of nature.

That it is to be welcomed and embodied…..every month….not suppressed and ‘regulated’ with a pill.

I want for the younger generation to be able to understand extactly what goes on in their changing bodies and that it is nothing to be feared. That there is more than one method to choose from when it comes to B(irth) C(ontrol) and that INFORMED CONSENT is something to be demanded (from parents an doctors). 

I want a world where both sexes growing up are made part of learning about and relating to the menstrual cycle and that it is not mearly a thing for girls and women ‘to deal with’.

I want young women/menstruators to to get to KNOW their cycles, yonis and BLOOD.

I want them to know what their menstrual blood looks & smells like and what it is supposed to look & smell like…and that it is NOT GROSS.


I want them to know that most of the regular menstrual & intimate care products available, are actually full of sh*t (toxins, pesticides, chemicals, etc.) and are not made for their best interest.

There are many options to choose from…there are actually several ways to menstruate.

I want to show them how they can live WITH their cycle and adapt their day to day life TO it, instead of adapting their cycle to day to day life….the one is cyclical….it ebbs and flows….

The other is linear and expects one to show up the same each day….you can see how that might be a problem of interest when you are a cyclical being…. 


I want the younger generation to understand the IMPORTANCE of a good RELATIONSHIP with their menstrual cycles and I want the older generation (Mothers, GrandMothers) to understand that as well…..A negative and unaccepting attitude towards menstruation is and has been very damaging for how a younger generation sees and treats their menstrual cycle. It absolutely matters what kind of example you (as a young woman) get and what is imprinted onto you.

I have never had a soft, caring, accepting and empowered example, anything but that…(please get out the pain meds even when talking about it…)

This has caused me..…and I’m sure I'm not alone in this..…SO much PAIN and (physical) damage along the way. 


It took me 20 years……20 YEARS of menstruating till I could finally start LOVING my cycle, my blood and my womb.

What I deal with on a daily basis (endometriosis, cysts, adhesions & adenomyosis) is (also) a result of such a long time of supressing, abusing and neglecting my menstrual cycle. 

My ‘basis’ for healthy relating to my menstrual cycle and menstruation was never given to me as a young one….I NEVER learned how to properly take care of my body and mind, BUT I intend to stand for all the young Girls out there who have yet to depart on their Menstrual Journey, because I believe that it is vital for creating a softer and healthier world… 


If this is anything of a new cycle’s 'resolution' it is indeed a declaration of what is important to me....….an inclination…a bread crum of why I’m here….what I came here to do and a reclamation of what I had to go through, in order to change it.🩸


softness and beauty to all.


Much love!


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